Company Profile

European inspired cabinetry with distinctive style, substance and innovation. With over 15 years of experience in some of the industry’s leading manufacturer of high end cabinetries EURO-NOVA KITCHENS was established in 2006.

By combining experience in interior design and architecture with the latest style in technology and craftsmanship EURO-NOVA KITCHENS will adapt to your taste and lifestyle.

Standards are set high to provide you the most satisfying kitchens and cabinetries. Intelligent space saving solution with genius attention to detail in time you will discover the value of your investment.

Our committed passion to swiftly deliver quality products at a reasonable price, Euro-Nova sets apart from the competition.

Euro-Nova continues to innovate, combined with persistent creative vision with the quest for product perfection because of this we are building reputation for both elegance and quality.

Traditional materials, industry standard hand selected woods and dedicated craftsman culminate the creation of our beautiful cabinets. Our products are distinguished not only by their furniture finishes but exterior detailing of wonderful of old and new character.

Superior quality with precise engineering and thoughtful practical design EURO-NOVA remains distinctive. Quality materials and reliability we offer unsurpassed value and affordability in a wide range of TRADITIONAL, TRANSITIONAL, CONTEMPORARY and ASIAN TRANSITION DESIGNS.

Dedicated to the highest level of excellence of creating not only beautiful but functional customize cabinetry to fit in every home.

We offer a vast abundance of different styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, with solid wood cabinets of maple, oak, walnut, beech, and cherry, as well as high-gloss lacquer.

We have a huge variety of optional accessories including fitted drawers, completely removable pantry units and revolving pullout baskets of chrome-plated steel.

Our hard work and dedication is unmatched by competitors, and our reputation is of great prestige.

We will communicate with you to produce the best possible design based on your preferences and our professional knowledge, and we won't finalize it until you are 100% satisfied with all the drawings, and materials used in the design.

We are dedicated to bringing worldwide known, innovative, and affordable European products to Canadian homeowners and real estate developers across Ontario and now, in the Philippines.